Monday, November 01, 2004

Invitation to LiberalsLikeChrist

My friends at LLC, thanks for stopping by.

Please consider joining our mailing list at Yahoogroups: where the discussion will be of a non-partisan nature, to the extent that extending ballot access for ideas, candidates, and citizens can be non-partisan.

While I speak of "we" and "us" here, it's yet only in the eclesiastical sense. For the time being, it's just me, Marty McGowan here. But, in the larger sense, I know there are many who can get very passionate about allowing the full expression of ideas. Not that we don't on LLC, but here the paramount issue, subservient to all others, is that for me, the idea that matters is _your_ idea, and not mine. At the risk of a partisan observation, that's what my liberal and christian values call me to.

So, thanks for stopping; I hope to turn this into more than discussion.


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