Thursday, November 04, 2004

We Stand Corrected

Correction: the good news is from Maine _and_ NEBRASKA.

Both states (not just Maine) select presidential electors by Congressional district, reserving two for the state. What a concept? Are we proceeding to a parliamentary system here? Imagine. We elect congressional representatives every two years, a president every four, and senators every six. How can we merge the results of "presidential elector" with the house/senate representative vote? Couldn't the representative be the elector? That's an easy answer. Not according to the constitution. And the last thing we want to meddle with in this person's life is the constitution. You might as well amend the Bible!?

Let's not amend the constitution. But let's think of ways, at the state level, of compelling our representatives to link themselves to the district's presidential outcome. We'll obliquely take this up in another post.


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