Saturday, November 13, 2004

State Elections Boards

To keep things moving along, your SBS moderator is compiling a list of the various states' election board web pages. As a starter, a rubric, or scoring method suggests itself. I've furled a starter set under my home state of New Jersey. Here's a brief outline:

  1. prominence (or lack thereof) the governor
  2. ease of access (from "")
  3. how customer-focused is the page (tell me what I need to know, not what you do)
  4. is the content fresh, lots of useful data, local services
  5. does the site raise partisan (bi, non, ...) issues
  6. quality metric of the election site itself (web style points)

In this regard, in my first half dozen sites, the state of Wisconsin fails miserably in the "web quality" metric department: too splashy, too "HOT Topic", ... Cheesey background, ... Also, the state of Maryland gets off to a good start on the state Home page, but the navigation metaphor is "search the folders", and the state agencies are in buckets by letter of the alphabet. Imagine looking for "Department of Elections", where the first folder is A-D! The people who do this stuff must never use their work.


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