Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Disconnect in American Democracy -- Chomsky

A recent editorial by Noam Chomsky

The disconnect in American democracy

Noam Chomsky - 10/28/04

The U.S. presidential race, impassioned almost to the point of hysteria,
hardly represents the healthiest democratic impulse...

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Chomsky makes many of the points we favor at the State By State Network. He observes both political parties play the same game, with Bush voters at 6% and Kerry voters at 13% ability to identify the issue or issues their candidate supports. Chomsky's view may be called anti-partisan. The State By State Network recognizes most of us politically active are partisan. Let's not change that. But recognize our best partisan efforts are held thrall by corporate, money interests. To extend the franchise, we feel it necessary to increase particpation, not stifle it. We agree with Chomsky's identifying the problem; we don't want exposing the problem to be further source of cynicsm.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

State by State -- Electoral Reform

We're open for business.

See our web site at StateByState.Net

There you'll find our platform, an opportunity to join and help with the campaign.
We're making this our campaign "going forward", ahead of all other "issues".
These will take care of themselves with a more vigorous ballot access,
when more citizens see themselves as having a voice,
when the public cynicsm has been lowered to an "acceptable nuisance",
to quote a recent phrase.

We'll open the lines of communication here.

Go to the web site and sign up!